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Case Study

Education Portal

A Comprehensive Online Education Portal catering to Students, Teachers and Administrators
Cognisun Portfolio

For a Leading Online Educator, USA

Client Background

Client Background

  • The client is a leading online educator in the United States with programs benefitting students, teachers, and academia across several states.
  • The client has a passion for education and believes in bringing out a positive future and a pathway for success for millions of learners across United States.
  • To date, more than 10 million students worldwide have participated in the specialized career-driven courseware and education intervention initiatives.

Business Challenges & Needs

  • End client was facing various issues due to technological incompatibilities; It was not happy with the performance of legacy systems that it had.
  • There were several versions of products catering to the same need for various clients. Being different products called for duplicated efforts and difficulties in managing development.
  • Overall product development and schema needed continuous monitoring & managing; involvement of new activities & data structures were required to be added.
Client Background
Client Background

Solution Overview

  • Cognisun team reverse engineered the legacy system; carried out in depth exercise of analyzing the client requirements, shortcomings of the legacy system and conducted JAD sessions with business stakeholders to understand their wish list.
  • Corrected the data modeling schema and migrated the legacy system data into newly redefined database schema.
  • Developed comprehensive and versatile web application to unify the education portals offering the similar functionalities for easier maintenance and support work.

Key Technologies




Web Service


Highlights & Benefits

Solution Highlights

  • Designed a flexible, effective and scalable database schema for ease of future maintenance and enhancements
  • Unified portal that interfaces seamlessly with various component applications from third-party vendors.

Business Benefits

  • Effective course management due to combining various applications into one common customizable application.
  • Ease of maintenance and future enhancement.
  • Cost saving due to reduced dependencies on the third party vendors.

Global Presence

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