iPhone App Development to Dominate Mobile Consumer Market in 2021

iPhone App Development to Dominate Mobile Consumer Market in 2021

The enterprises are marching on towards the path of digital transformation at a rapid pace. It is high time you should consider investing in different solutions to reach the maximum number of consumers. 


While 1/3rd of the Internet’s traffic comes from mobile devices, mobile applications can be the best way to unlock such a massive business potential. The mobile app is a valuable tool for modern enterprises to connect and interact with the consumers seamlessly, adding value to their business brand. 


When it comes to mobile app development, selecting the platform is the foremost and essential step for your business. You can either go with an Android app or iOS app. The choice must be based on your location and your targeted audience. 


According to statistics, Android apps are holding more than 80% of the mobile app market share. But iOS apps’ market share is highest in the UK and US with 57% and 52%. Hence, the iOS app might be a formidable choice for your business, especially in developed countries. 


Cognisun has helped hundreds of international clients with its intuitive and user-friendly iOS application development services. Right from cross-platform iOS apps to eCommerce app development, it has helped businesses to add value to their customers through innovative mobile app solutions. 


If you have a mobile app idea and are confused about the platform, then read this guide to make an informed decision. 


Table of Content:


  1. The popularity of iOS apps

  2. Types of iOS Apps 

  3. Facts and figures related to iPhone apps

  4. How to select an ideal iOS app company? 

 1.     The Popularity of iOS apps


There is no doubt that iOS apps are the hottest trend in the mobile app market due to its smooth user experience. Besides, iOS Developer Community is also backing its platform with more than 64% dedicated developers and iOS resources in the market. This states that iOS is the popular choice amongst the developers. 


With a large pool of developers available, you will have various options to select, handpick, and finalize the best type of resources for your iOS app development according to your project’s expertise, industry, scope, budget, and time constraints. 


Figures showing mobile app user retention rate
Source: Statista


2.     Types of iPhone apps


The types of applications running on the iOS platform are infinite. Any app idea from being quirky to fun has been tried and tested for various kinds of market responses. Sometimes, a picture grows user base like Dubsmash, while the idea of an instant hit from the time it is launched like the WhatsApp. 


According to recent surveys, the most downloadable apps in the App Store is social media apps (32%), gaming apps (25%) and messaging apps (10%). While some of the noteworthy apps that are extremely popular in 2020 are “Honor of Kings,” “Clash of Clans,” and “Monster Strike.” Besides, the top five leading iOS apps are,


– Netflix

– Spotify

– Tinder

– Pandora 

– Tencent Video


Graph showing revenue of leading iPhone apps
Source: Statista

3.     Some interesting facts related to iOS apps


More than 2 million applications are available on the Apple app store. This statistic itself provides a detailed insight into the level of popularity of the iOS app development. On average, more than 1,080 iOS apps are released daily and win the heart of the users due to their functionality, intuitive user interface and accessibility to the users. 


If you get it right, your app might be a winner in the market and slowly gains the momentum for becoming a popular choice for download in the market. Here’s how you need to consider these facts and figures to make a successful app,


          Apple has sold over 1.5 billion iPhones since 2007

          More than 81% of iOS users have installed the latest available apps

          A trillion photos are taken on iOS devices every year. 

          Siri completed 10 billion audio requests every month.

          The ARKit is used on more than 2000 applications. 


4.     How to select an iOS app development company?


iPhone apps are undisputedly the centre of attraction of the smartphone world. With thousands of apps launching in the App store, you might witness a tough competition. Thus, you need to select the right iOS app development company to build progressive and challenging iOS apps. 


Here’s how a distinguished and accomplished iPhone app development company can impart actual value to your business goals with stunning and mind-blowing iPhone apps. 


·         Technical excellence


Your selected agency’s iOS app developers must be proficient in programming languages like Objective C, Swift and C++. Besides, they should have profound OS framework expertise, Mac OS X frameworks and iPhone simulators for creating innovative iOS apps. 


·         Experience and Reviews 


A good experience in designing and developing an iPhone app is essential for attaining your business goals. Always check out the company’s portfolio, online reviews, and social media campaigns to get a good idea of effectiveness and experience in custom iOS app development. 


·         Creativity 


iPhone apps are designed to be out of the box. Thus, you must need the developers who can deliver value to your custom iPhone app through his creative instincts. Only an innovative iPhone app can survive the cut-throat competition in the App store. Check out the iPhone app development agency’s developers with creative minds, dedication and professional attitudes. 


·         Cost-effectiveness


Only a reputed iPhone app development company can offer you the best quote for your iPhone app development. Such companies can deliver your apps with excellent quality within your budget. 


·         Intuitive app design


An iPhone app’s ultimate success depends on its efficiency to reach the targeted users and become part of their daily necessity. The best iPhone app development agency should be flexible to provide user-friendly and intuitive app design ideas that retain your users’ attention. 


Final words


Apple is the force to reckon in the tech world, as the mobile app market is always buzzing with iOS app development solutions. iPhone app development is the ideal option to expand your user-base by providing the customer with a seamless mobile app experience to secure, reliable and hassle-free actions. 


You can opt for outsourcing your iPhone app development requirements to Cognisun. We are a client-centric IT company that is renowned for providing excellent app solutions to businesses across the globe. 


Connect with our executives through info@conginsun.com to discuss how we derive value to your business with our iPhone app services. 

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