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Ship Smart

A comprehensive easy-to-use Shipping and Logistics System


Project Brief

ShipSmart is a user-friendly web application that helps a Shipping and Logistics company to seamlessly integrate its overall processes such as quote estimator, lead management, consignment booking, tracking shipment, and like. The application encompasses modules such as Schedule Shipment, Shipment Tracking, Billing, Claim Management, Lead Management, etc.

Client Background

Client is a leading global shipping and logistics company serving businesses and individuals in USA and from other countries across the world.

Business Challenges

  • Client was using a legacy system that was inefficient, error-prone and in consistent. Objective was to replace this with an effective, faster and accurate system.
  • Staff members were manually creating shipping documents that led to slower turn around time and possibility of human errors.
  • Client wanted to retain the existing customers at the same time on-board new customers fast.
  • There was a critical need to automate the processes for fast turn around time and higher efficiency of operations

Solution Overview

  • Cognisun engaged a team of dedicated expert software professionals comprising a Project Manager, a Solution Architect, 3 Software Developers, a Business Analyst, a Quality Analyst. The expert team intensively studied the existing software system, conducted in-depth client interviews and analyzed the functional and non-functional requirements
  • Cognisun developed a fast and accurate Quote Estimation module by integrating the API functions provided by Fedex, UPS and other such global shipping carriers.

Highlights & Benefits

Solution Highlights

  • High degree of automation by leveraging cron jobs that ensure least amount of manual errors and higher efficiency
  • New system facilitate auto generation of shipping and custom documents using various templates
  • Automated emails and SMS based notifications for improved operational efficiencies
  • Comprehensive reporting to help client measure team performance, sales volume, business growth, and similar metrics
  • Smart Data Analytics backed with graphical views to help the top management group evaluate the state of the business, know priority business segments, and garner valuable business insights

Business Benefits

  • 50% increase in the number of shipments in the first year of implementation
  • Improved new customer boarding and higher retention rate due to excellent customer service
  • 37% rise in the sales in the first year
  • Client gained valuable insights to begin new service areas

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