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Case Study


A salon management web and mobile platform applications
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For salons who want to grow vertically and horizontally

Client Background

Client Background

  • The client is a consultancy firm based out of the US which deals with IT solutions globally. The firm saw a great potential in developing a SaaS.
  • Hence, thought of a sector where they don’t have much competition and came up with an idea to develop a Salon Management Software named “OSMIS”.

Business Challenges & Needs

  • Many salons manage their operations on paper.
  • Very few salon owners can afford a system that helps in managing bookings and customer data.
  • A complete package of tools was needed which could help in solving almost all needs and challenges that a salon owner might face.
Client Background
Client Background

Solution Overview

  • Cognisun team analyzed the requirements; conducted JAD sessions with business stakeholders to understand each module.
  • Designed data modeling schema using PHP CodeIgniter and MySQL Database.
  • Developed a web and mobile based applications from scratch using PHP, IONIC and Angular JS. These applications are easily extensible, scalable and maintainable.
  • Developed cross-platform mobile applications to reduce the development time and gain consistency.

Key Technologies









Highlights & Benefits

Solution Highlights

  • Intuitive, responsive and user friendly interface compatible across various browsers, devices and screen resolutions.
  • Leveraged PHP CodeIgniter/MySQL customization to present a flexible, effective and scalable solution. It supports easy future maintenance and enhancements.
  • Scheduled Cron jobs running round the clock for sending various reminders to the users.
  • Business Analytics charts for showing day-to-day progress.
  • Marketing Campaigns that help owners to grow their business with wide network via email and messaging.

Business Benefits

  • Salon owner can showcase their profile on a global platform.
  • Easy access to customer and product specifics analytics.
  • Cost saving due to reduced dependencies on the third party vendors.

Global Presence

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