Pharmacy Delivery Tracker

Pharmacy Delivery Tracker

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Case Study

Pharmacy Delivery Tracker

A Perfect Vaccine reminder System
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For a Leading Pharmacy Chain, UK

Client Background

Client Background

  • Client is one of the largest pharmaceutical company with strong presence across multiple countries. The client is into the manufacturing of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Business Challenges & Needs

  • The major requirement while developing this application was to manage the delivery of medicines flawlessly and generating powerful reports so that client can strategies cost-effective delivery of medicines to the customers. But the legacy system was not capable of generating meaningful reports.
  • It was a cumbersome and multistep job when it comes to add customers to the system and also pharmacist has to do the repetitive entry of customer details for every repetitive order from the same customer.
  • It was difficult to manage the vehicle details, driver details, delivery package allocation with minimum resource utilization and client satisfactions
Client Background
Client Background

Solution Overview

  • Cognisun team reverse engineered the legacy system; carried out in-depth exercise of analyzing the client requirements, shortcomings of the legacy system and conducted JAD sessions with business stakeholders to understand their wish list.
  • We developed a simple, intuitive and effective delivery tracking system, which is capable to generating high end detailed report such as per delivery cost, fuel cost, driver wise cost, monthly cost on delivery, successful deliveries, pending deliveries, etc.
  • We used barcode scanning system to auto-populate the data into the system related to a customer and provided easy options to make the changes.

Key Technologies






Web Service


Highlights & Benefits

Solution Highlights

  • Designed a flexible, effective and scalable database schema for ease of future maintenance and enhancements
  • Unified portal that interfaces seamlessly with various component applications from third party vendors.

Business Benefits

  • This application helped pharmacies in making faster delivery of medicines with less effort, which resulted in a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Pharmacies can easily identify the delivered orders and now can easily enter non deliver orders just by scanning the bar code. Now the client is able to generate powerful detailed reports and able to cut the cost of delivery by strategizing optimal delivery option.

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