DWC Provider Web Directory

DWC Provider Web Directory

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Case Study

DWC Provider Wed Directory

Health Care Provider and Expert Medical Advisor Web Directory
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For the Department of Financial Services, Division of Workers’ Compensation, Florida.

Client Background

Client Background

  • Division of Workers’ Compensation is part of the Florida Department of Financial Services.
  • The division provides education and information to all the stakeholders about their rights and responsibilities.
  • Responsible to create unparalleled real-time workers’ compensation information environment and measure the health of the workers’ compensation system.
  • Our client is also responsible to receive requests, petitions or grievances from various stakeholders and addresses them.
  • Our client ensures that injured workers’ get the disability claims or medical payment that they are entitled to within the time limits set by Florida Workers’ Compensation laws.

Business Challenges & Needs

  • Client required to allow public users to retrieve information related to health care providers and expert medical advisors.
  • Data refresh and warehousing to ensure that the providers’ information is current and in sync with the Department of Health database
  • Requirement to interface seamlessly with the Department of Health website
  • Make the provider information available in a delimited data file that can be downloaded from a web application.
Client Background
Client Background

Solution Overview

  • It is a multi-tiered web application developed using .NET technologies with extensive use of AJAX features.
  • Use of SQL Server database in the back end
  • The system allows the public user to search and retrieve information about health care providers and expert medical advisors.
  • The system also enables users to download the information about all the health care providers and expert medical advisors in a huge flat file via secure FTP server download.
  • Allows the user to navigate to the Department of Health web site for the specified provider.

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Highlights & Benefits

Solution Highlights

  • Versatile search feature enables the user to gather, and analyze the provider information.

Business Benefits

  • Improved user experience in searching and listing providers and get detailed information about them.
  • Offers and efficient way to analyze the provider information

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