Healthcare Sector Challenges

  • Fierce competition to provide better, personalized and improved services to patients, hospitals, care homes, distributors and retailers.
  • Market pressure to explore alternatives to provide the superb quality products and services at reduced cost.
  • Industry has undergone see changes with respect to acceptable standards for HIPPA compliance, electronic data storage, data security, confidentiality, reporting, interoperability, record retentions, etc.
  • The industry has witness immense changes in the way patients, customers and channel partners accesses the information especially due to the advent of various mobile computing platforms such as tablets, Smartphone, hand held/PDA devices

What Cognisun Offers

  • At Cognisun, we deliver solutions that facilitate organizations to modernize their healthcare processes & standards which results in to improved efficiency, reduce costs
  • Our prime focus on continuous innovation and improvement enables us to deliver value added services with highest quality
  • We have adopted unique paradigm “SBU” that stands for System, Business and User. System emphasizes on leverages Information Technology coupled with Management Information Systems. Business focuses on the industry specific business rules, standards and guidelines. Last but not the least, User takes into consideration the users of our software systems. We make every effort to devise ways to provide solutions that are simple, intuitive and effective for our users.
  • We integrate our technology skills, state of the art infrastructure and industry domain expertise to create effective and efficient healthcare solutions that provides edge to our customers across many countries including US, UK, Canada, Australia and like.
  • At Cognisun, we understand the laws and norms of data security and confidentiality (such as HIPPA laws) better. We take utmost care to stringently adhere to these laws, norms and guidelines.

Broad spectrum of healthcare services and solutions

  • Electronic record management system
  • E-commerce solution for health related products and services
  • SEO related services for improved web presence and site ranking
  • Automated Order Fulfillment systems
  • Claims Processing Solutions
  • Repeat Prescription Systems
  • Decision Support System to compute optimal drug suppliers
  • Warehouse Inventory and Accounting System
  • Business Intelligence and Data Mining
  • Integration with third party software, services and platforms

Why Cognisun

  • 10+ years of experience in delivering excellent quality of software solutions
  • 100% delivery ratio
  • Highly experienced and qualified pool of software professionals
  • 24/7 Support via Email/Phone/Skype
  • Cost-Effective and faster turnaround time
  • Use of industry proven work methodologies and performance metrics

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