Education Sector Challenges

Improved monitoring and evaluation

It is needed to address two pressing issues: the first is assessment of the academic achievements of the system, while the other is with monitoring the implementation of all aspects of the plan.

Developing Managerial Capacity and Making the System more Accountable

There is a need to continue strategic efforts in developing managerial capacity and making the system more accountable.

Developing an Inclusive Education System

Particular attention needs to be given to developing a more inclusive education system that provides quality and equitable opportunities to indigenous and hinterland children and children with disabilities. Gender equality and equity also need to be integrated as a goal within a truly inclusive system.

Improving the Number of Trained Teachers for Quality Improvement in Education

One of the major problems that the sector faces with respect to teachers is the continuous loss of trained teachers. In general, the average loss is about 12% annually with 40 to 45 percent being trained teachers.

Leverage power of information technology to take the classroom model to “Anytime, Anywhere” learning model

The advent of smart mobile & tablet devices has opened limit less opportunities to extend the learning beyond brick and mortar classroom. Virtual classrooms promise greater partnership between students, teachers, parents and school administrators.

What Cognisun Offers

  • Effective dashboard is a pivotal part of our education sector solutions. Our rich dashboards provides quick glimpse at student’s attendance, assignments, grades and progress reports.
  • Our e-Learning solutions not only enable distance learning but also live, real-time interaction between the teacher and students by use of messaging.
  • Innumerable courseware and documents belonging to multiple categories, a learning center will be incomplete without a library. To fulfill this requirement we provide a content and document library that will be a storehouse for all educational data.
  • All the data (content and libraries) in your database are of no use, if it is not indexed and each part of it is not discoverable. We help you index your content, search it and give your users the biggest gift of knowledge that has been created over the years.
  • Effective and seamless integration with third party software or content providers with use of Single Sign On technology
  • Our solutions are used by K-12 classes, community learning centers, vocational training centers and corporate training centers
  • At Cognisun, we take the data security and confidentiality seriously. All our solutions leverage data encryption, SSL and fool proof authentication and authorization techniques.

Broad Spectrum of Services & Solutions

  • Virtual classroom solutions for students, teachers, parents and school administrators
  • Education Portals and Dashboard applications
  • End-to-end data collection, management and analysis software system for colleges and universities.
  • Effective and seamless integration with third party software or content providers with use of Single Sign On technology
  • Responsive web and mobile based solutions that runs on web, smart phones and tablet devices with variety of screen size, resolutions and operating systems

Why Cognisun

  • 10+ years of experience in delivering excellent quality of software solutions
  • 100% delivery ratio
  • Highly experienced and qualified pool of software professionals
  • 24/7 Support via Email/Phone/Skype
  • Cost-Effective and faster turnaround time
  • Use of industry proven work methodologies and performance metrics

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