The name Cognisun is derived from the English word “Cognition” that stands for Knowledge. Knowledge is the genesis of innovation, improvement, and ingenuity – an effective tool to thrive in today’s Information Age.

Cognisun is a dedicated, quality-oriented, and dynamic company that combines rich technical expertise, industry’s best proven practices, and dynamic workforce metrics to provide excellent technology solutions. At Cognisun, we measure our success with how much value we can generate for our clients than how much we earn in revenue.

What We Do

Led by a team of professionals having years of hands-on experience in IT consultancy, we take pride in delivering high quality enterprise technology solutions with measurable benefits to our client. We strive to assist our clients to boost the workforce productivity, reduce business costs, and thereby enhance their competitive edge.

We firmly believe that a highly skilled, motivated, and experienced pool of employees is instrumental in delivering high-quality cutting-edge IT solutions to the clients at reasonable cost. With this in mind we aggressively recruit the highly skilled professionals that can quickly join your team, understand the client objectives and consistently deliver quality results.

We emphasize on innovation and continuous improvement in what are we do for our clients, employee, vendors, and other stakeholders.


Establish ourselves as a leading Information Technology solution provider by unmatched commitment to quality, excellence and responsiveness; and provide our clients with measurable value-added benefits.


Identify, nurture and develop human resources and harness their prowess to assist our clients in achieving their objectives within their time and budget constraints.